ACARS Message Types


_j No info to transmit. Polled mode ¹
_DEL General response, Demand mode; no information to transmit¹
00  HJK Emergency situation report
2S Weather request
2U Weather
4M Cargo information
51 Ground GMT request response
52 AGM Ground UTC request
54  Aircrew initiated voice contact request
57  AEP Alternate aircrew initiated posit. rpt.
5D  TIS ATIS request
5P  Temporary suspension of ACARS
5R  AEP Aircraft initiated position report
5U  WXR Weather request
5Y  ETA Revision to previous ETA
5Z  AGM Airline designated downlink
7A  ENG Aircraft initiated engine data
7B  ABM Aircraft initiated misc.message
80-9  Aircraft addressed downlinks

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A1  CLX Deliver oceanic clearance
A2  CLD Deliver departure clearance
A4  RCA Acknowledge PDC
A5  RPR Request position report
A6  RAR Request ADS report
A7  FTU Forward free text to aircraft
A8  DDS Deliver departure slot
A9  DAI Deliver ATIS information
A0  AFN ATIS Facilities notification
B1  RCL Request oceanic clearance
B2  CLA Request oceanic readback
B3  RCD Request departure clearance
B4  Ackn. departure clearance
B5  PPR Provide position report
B6  PAR Provide ADS report
B7  FTD Forward free text to ATS
B8  RDS Request departure slot
B9  RAI Request ATIS information
C0  Uplink msg. to all cockpit printers
C1  Uplink msg. to cockpit printer #1
C2  Uplink msg. to cockpit printer #2
C3  Uplink msg. to cockpit printer #3
CA Printer status = error
CB Printer status = busy
CC Printer status = local
CD Printer status = no paper
CE Printer status = buffer overrun
CF Printer status = reserved
F3  Dedicated transceiver advisory
H1  Message to/from terminal
HX  REJ Undelivered uplink report
M1  MVA IATA Departure message
M2  MVA IATA Arrival message
M3  MVA IATA Return to ramp message
M4  MVA IATA Return from airborne message
Q0 ACARS link test
Q1  ETA Departure/arrival reports
Q2  ETA ETA reports
Q3  CLK Clock update
Q4  Voice circuit busy (response to 54)
Q5 Unable to process uplinked messages
Q6  Voice-to-ACARS change-over.
Q7  DLA Delay message
QA  DEP Out/fuel report
QB  DEP Off report
QC  ARR On report
QD  ARR In/fuel report
QE  DEP Out/fuel destination report
QF  DEP Off/destination report
QG  RTN Out/return in report
QH  DEP Out report
QK  ARR Landing report
QL  ARR Arrival report
QM  ARR Arrival information report
QN  DIV Diversion report
QX  Intercept
RA  RPR Command aircraft term. to transmit data
RB  Response of aircraft terminal to RA msg.
:;  Command aircraft xcvr to change freq.

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