X-Plane 10.40 Beta 4

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Beta4也出来了,看看release notes当然还是bug修正,比如QPAC的产品不能使用的问题,Plane-Maker的一些问题,还有一些比较小的问题的改善。

Fixed for Beta 4

Restored sorting and first character of apt.dat. This fixes the QPAC plugin. (bug 1673)
Fixed crash in Plane-Maker on deeply animated aircraft like the Jar A330
Fixed rendering presets to have no roads in lowest setting (bug 1672).
Fixed winds-aloft parser to read lat/lon stations
Added ultralight classification to Plane Maker
Fixed tail number bugs in Plane-Maker: empty tail numbers are allowed, 6 digit tail numbers are allowed, and existing tail numbers are not erased. (Bugs 1665,1666,1679)
Disabled glideslope on AP when back course is selected (bug 1680)
Better ATIS report - we now correctly report variable wind directions, and issue wind shear alerts the same time a real windshear alert system would
Fixed dewpoint reporting in the ATIS
ATIS now reports few clouds instead of scattered if the METAR reads 'few'.
Commands alphabetized for easier location.
Default to 3-d cockpit rendering option only shows 3-d cockpit if the airplane has a 3-d cockpit (bug 1677)
Nosewheel steering with tiller interpolates with rudder correctly (bug 1676)
Fix for engine flooding when boost pumps are on (bug 1675)
Pro-key option to not get update notifications fixed.
Command interface scrolls to show all commands.

支 持 本 站: 捐赠服务器等运维费用,需要您的支持!
支 持 本 站: 捐赠服务器等运维费用,需要您的支持!