X-Plane 11.30r1简单测试和CH Fighterstick USB设置

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X-Plane 11.30 Release Candidate 1 and Toe Brakes
看到X-Plane 11.30脱离beta阶段,进入正式发布候选r1版


好久没有用CH Fighterstick USB了,

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可以根据需要改变"Base Font Size"和"用户界面大小"设定即可。

最后把RC1版的release note抄写下来:

Release Candidate 1

XPD-9460 Shadow LOD bias adjusted to artist recommendation.
XPD-9495 Particle FX are canceled by replay.
XPD-9498 Engine FX follow thrust vectors.
XPD-9520, XPD-9725 Fixed shader compile issue with old drivers and dome.glsl.
XPD-9599 Fixed light level differences when using auto-adjust.
XPD-9609 Fixed asan trip on exit due to OGL_shader.
XPD-9615 Turned off cloud-based lighting in particles.
XPD-9662 Auto-toe-brake set to 11.26 versions in file loader for old planes.
XPD-9687, XPD-9682 Fixed particles appearing in C172.
XPD-9697 Sounds are killed for AI aircraft that are removed.
XPD-9702 Disable the Stinson for AI.
XPD-9705 Fixed crash with glass blend in scenery.
XPD-9706 Probe heat doesn't turn on static heat in the 737.
XPD-9707 Took new art to fix tree transparency.
XPD-9710 Fixed inverted hard surfaces.
XPD-9711 Fixed incorrect low LOD when HDR 4x SSAA was on.
XPD-9713 Fixed crash adding OBJ in Plane Maker.
XPD-9718 dv-inc as fm2 dataref.
XPD-9719 Enabled vector thrust without check box for old ACF from 11.26.
XPD-9721 Logbook not showing the destination/arrival airport ICAO in the Logbook.
XPD-9722 Transparent objects cast shadows when "draw shadows on scenery" is enabled.
XPD-9724 Aircraft objects loaded as AI cause VR config file error.

X-Plane 11.30 Airports Update



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