X-Plane 10.31r2發布

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根據官方的release notes,這個版本就是bug修正版,包括了如下更新:

Fixed quit mid-flight when DNS network lookup times out.
Fixed rendering of prop angle for counter-clockwise props.
Cylindrical projection does not show black screen when the option is picked for the first time.
Use the correct localizer and glideslope reference so that the glideslope in the local map displays precision approaches correctly.
Preserve existing contents of logbook when opened with the "Choose Pilot Logbook" function.
Added support for the newest USB keys.


支 持 本 站: 捐贈伺服器等運維費用,需要您的支持!
支 持 本 站: 捐贈伺服器等運維費用,需要您的支持!