X-Plane 10.50 Beta 6

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X-Plane 10.50 Beta 6 發布,基本上還是bug修改,

看了看release note,也沒有找出什麼線索,

於是把洛杉磯旁邊的KSMO聖莫尼卡機場(Santa Monica Municipal Airport)作為基地,


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Bug Fixes
Fixed for Beta 6:

Select more reasonable range for AI airport selection so we don't revert to planet-wide search when local search fails.
Winds.rwx no longer downloaded, though we still scan it (XPD-6450).
Tweaks to AI flying.
Updated extra runway lights (XPD-6434).
We don't drop unbound key handlers - x-assign uses them (XPD-6438).
Fixed crash in .grib load. We now explicitly check for null file handle and also set the path to full.
Lock semantics on all art assets were WRONG. This attempts to fix race conditions in obj-load and obj/tex/art asset release.
Reverse thrust & beta fixed (XPD-6435).
Fixed crash due to no airports. If you let the AI fly the X-15 and it flew too far from other airports the sim could crash.
Fixes black textures in A-310 and crashes. This should cover crashes changing airports, "negative ref count" errors,
and any black textures on airplanes, including crashes loading the JAR A-330 on startup.
ATC crash fixes: filing flight plan to seaport or helipad, crash in flight route handler (XPD-6399).
Livery substitution does subdirectories (XPD-6194).
Makes green button zoom and not full screen on OSX (XPD-6158).
Fixed crash when starting at scenery pack that has the Nimitz due to cull sphere changing (XPD-6437).
Updated earth_fix.dat and earth_nav.dat.
ATC controller cab build-up is double-async...fixes some pauses while flying. This is a perf improvement to avoid pauses due to AFTC while flying.

Fixed for Beta 5

Fixed LODs on Gateway airports (XPD-6325).
Typo fix for hints screen (XPD-6424).
Flight director bars appear in C90B artificial horizon (XPD-6413).
C400 oil pressure gauge fixed.
Fixed crashed due to bogus road data. Filter tries to fix input road data from w2xp_net.
No longer look for Zulu time in Mdeg & alert for scanning weather.
Author window back in Plane Maker.
Fixed bad ref counting on untextured objects. Fixes black airplanes and crashes changing planes.
Fixed out of bound memory read to fix crashes in autogen ATC layout system.
Fixed XPLMCountPlanes API to fix warning about number of multiplayer planes in XSB.
Fixed AI plane descent to be smoother.
Removed internet data output warning when there's no receiver.
Fixed reverse thrust.
Fixed duplicate command names.
Winds no longer plotted on the weather screen.
Fixed log.txt file creation.
Log book writes when file is erased but does not self-erase on auto-update (re-fixes XPD-6141).
Mouse wheel zooming isn't eaten by manips it crosses (partial of XPD-5161).
Better defaults for video recording.
Don't issue same-name nearby fixes twice. Prevents colocated points when PILUN is in route (XPD-6235).
Fix for crash in airport picker if meta-data is filled in (XPD-6433).

Fixed for Beta 4

Fix for crash on start due to missing object.
Fix for AI aircraft flying too slowly.
Layer order was unstable between default .pol and base taxiway when collector was in use. Fixed by forcing pol to be 1 lower than taxiways (XPD-6407).

Fixed for Beta 3

ADF fixed in B-58 (XPD-6375, 6380, 6383).
Stall warning alpha corrected in B-58 (XPD-6374).
Object on C90 door removed (XPD-6402).
B-58 instrument panel shadow is now solid (XPD-6384).
Better scaling of weapons console.
Make sure primary monitor on Windows is always main display (XPD-6393).
Access to CG and mass of all weapons.
Fix memory scribble when extruding scenery (XPD-6405).
Removed last squawk about missing lights from log.
Capped taxi speed at 25 kts.
Toned down MDEG to log error and not quit sim. People would get booted out of their flight because an add-on delivered OOB weather. (XPD-6391).
Fixes the bug where the beta would say "authorization is successful" and then be stuck in demo mode.
Fixed crash on road drape if there are cracks in the DSF mesh. We also use the DEM in 64-bits for much faster draping (XPD-6398).
Fixed plane falling through solid objects onto roads (XPD-6396).
Fixed broken lights on all airplanes. Light init must be AFTER plugin load so that data refs for lights can be resolved (XPD-6387).
Better macibm alerts.
Fixed crash with no GRIB.
Progress bar no longer off screen.

Fixed for Beta 2

Fixed crash when starting Plane-Maker on Windows with an aircraft with attached objects.
Fixed crash on startup of X-Plane with plugins that load objects, e.g. SeaTraffic, GroundVehicles.
Fixed missing static aircraft on gateway aircraft.
Fixed missing new autogen city scenery - the new autogen was accidentally not included in beta 1.
Fixed crash when third party scenery contains un-textured objects.
Fixed objects floating in the sky.
Fixed missing taxi lines on airports.
Fixed overlapping items in basic joystick button setup screen.

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